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PRICE REDUCED now £500 ( try finding another one for this money )
1950s Austin Devon Pickup, thats the good news, well there s more good news, in so much as this thing whats there of it is mostly solid as a rock and relatively rust free.

So what do you get, a solid shell needing no welding, never had any and dont need any, solid as a rock including floors, sills and cab corners etc. doors the passenger one has evidence of repair but well done, nearside front wing, solid but has dent, bonnet has small corner of rust,

Ive located a drivers side front wing, front grile, bed sides and one rear fender. will pass on the details to any purchaser.

needs all glass and hardware, dash, trim and a healthy dose of imagination.

There are no documents wth the truck but that should be no problem . comes with buff log book for 1952 devon pickup

The chassis has been fully restored at some time in the past then stashed away, the chassis has the benefit of all new brake parts including new front drums and master cylinder. all the steering parts look as though they have been replaced also. Rear springs look new, as do front shox rear shox, and oher stuff cant gaurantee they are but they look it and work like new no leaks or scabby corrosion..on anything...

Engine is complete as is gearbox prop rear axle etc. Engine turns freely and has good compression. missing dizzy cap, points and starter solenoid..

Sounds like a piece of junk but believe me Ive bought some junk in my time and this wee truck is a solid base for resto or rodding.

I dragged this home to save it from being sat in a field any longer, but now its just sat in my drive and i have no incentive to do anything with it.

build a custom frame fit a huge Hemi and gasser the mofo...

Interested? Was asking £750..price ow reduced to £500 ono for quick sale ...

truck is in SCOTLAND, sorry cant help with delivery except to shove it on your trailer.

much much rarer than a 40 ford or 35 ford F1 or chevy truck, a GASSER icon,


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I know a man in Bexleyheath / Kent who has a pair of rear fenders for one of those ( same as on the Green one in your pics ).
I think they may even be NOS ( not sure though ).
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