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progress update :)

The roof skin is finally on and the exterior body restore is almost done.

You can see the full step by step pics here with the commentary

The Body Rebuild

Now we can start on the custom work :) This is where it gets interesting. The rear end and front uprights are on their way from the US, and the boys are itching to start work on the custom chassis.

But thats not all folks!

unfortunately victor also had to pull out of the design team :( but the good news is, Mike Gillett our original designer is back with his pens blazing!

These are almost final sketches pending any changes needed due to actual build constraints. The rear lights are still work in progress

The front grill and hood vents will be open and closeable at the touch of a button.

The rear diffuser is a double decker design. The top slot will be vented to the under side of the car, and will also be blown with hot gases from the exhaust. The feed slot and exhaust bypass will be motor controlled so I can shut them and reduce downforce when not needed. ie cruising. Most of the aero features on this car will be deactivateable to reduce drag under light duty. With an 800bhp V8 and current fuel prices, I need all the efficiency help I can get :)

You can see the full journey of how we got to these sketches here
Concept Drawings

Thats all folks until next time
41 - 49 of 49 Posts