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Hi all.

Haven't posted much so going to throw myself in with a thread on conversion number 2!

'Peachy' Is my mk1 capri. Its been in my family since before I was born. I took ownership several years ago and initially ran her around with here little 1600...

2 years ago I dropped a zetec on dellortos into the engine bay. This was when I was studying Vehicle Restoration in Leeds. It worked very well apart from the usual teething issues.. so had a year or so of thrashing about...

However, I had been hankering for the sound of 8 cylinders..

This is where project Peachy Begins!..


So far I have started to track down some parts. The spec so far is:

4.0 Lexus v8 (1UZFE)
TH 350 Gearbox (to be collected tomorrow!)
Twin Scroll Turbo (on order)

Thats it so far! Currently Stripping the engine and starting to prep the shell for its new heart..

Pictures will follow!!

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here is afew pictures of the progress so far.

The engine in question with most of the comfort gubbins still attached.

a while later

One of the many major tasks is getting the shell up to spec. I've got the old engine out.

Below I've marked the areas that i'll focus on first.

Red = Being removed completely
Blue = Modified (removed possibly)
Green = To repair.

The green areas are rot and bad past repairs that i have to deal with. The only downside is that the wing will have to be removed!

The red Bits will give me that bit of extra room for the rad, intercooler and turbo(s).

With the blue basically the rear will bee tubbed the tunnel modded and the valance will be modified to allow air flow to the needed area.

I'm also toying at custom making a sump or crossmember to get the engine sitting right.

More bits soon!
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