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Ravens Wood School
Oakley Road, Bromley, Kent. BR2 8HP
Sunday 21st June 2009

What time does the show open?
For exhibitors, trade stands and auto jumble, the gates are open between 8am and 10am. Anyone who arrives late may be denied access to their relevant plot and may not be able to be judged in the competition.
For the general public the gates open at 11am and will close at 4pm. A full timetable will be available on the website closer to the big day. This information will also be available in the programme, which everyone will get a copy of on the day.
Is on-site parking available?
This depends on two factors; How many entrants we have and weather conditions. If no on-site parking is available, please park in the surrounding local roads including Gravel Road.
How much is Admittance?
£5.00 for Adults
£2.50 for unaccompanied under 16's
£0.00 for accompanied under 16's
Vehicle exhibitors will be allowed one passenger with the driver but all other passengers will be charged the appropriate admittance fee.
Are refreshments available?
There is a BBQ, fully licensed bar, Hot & Cold Drinks and school canteen available to all on the day

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Vince, went there about 5 years ago in my granny coupe, that was running a bit sick.
It had been chucking it down, so we was asked to park on the tennis courts. Parked my coupe, which spat its guts all over the floor ! Then was asked to move, cos a guy in a turbo jap couldnt get up the ramp & wanted to park where I was after grounding out.
He parks & gets out to find steaming geen anti freeze under his car & spend the next 30 min looking for the prob ! :pmsl:
Kept us amused for 30 min ! :D :pmsl:
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