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Ahh - the "Winsome Welshmen" garage, Dunstan and Dudley such honest salesmen - and great role models. I always fancied a Swiftmobile - Stew can you look out for one for me? Joking aside - a great film with Ian Carmichael the perfect foil to Terry Thomas - the cad!

The Bellini 3.6 was a rebodied Aston:

"The car in question is DB3S/5, which started life as a road car for David Brown with an experimental glassfibre body. After a disastrous '54 Le Mans it was given the aluminium body of 3S/2, to begin an active racing life as a factory team car.
After successful outings with Roy Salvadori, the car eventually came into the hands of privateer Dennis Barthel, in 1957. He had the car prepared by Rob Walker's Pippbrook Garage where it was fettled by Alan Overton. Unfortunately the caddish DB3S owner took up with the young mechanic's fiancée and the "seeds of tragedy were sown".
Barthel allowed Overton to drive the Aston at the Gosport Speed Trials and although the mechanic set fastest time in his class he didn't live to collect his trophy on that fated April bank holiday. Overton never lifted off the throttle beyond the finishing post and ended his life by driving straight into the sea.
The car was rebuilt with a new body; re-registered PAP 625, it was christened the Bellini to co-star with Terry-Thomas and Ian Carmichael in the comedy School for Scoundrels.
The car, with its distinctive front end, was styled by Carrozzeria Touring and passed through the hands of several historic racing enthusiasts before being acquired by the late Bill Lake. Lake had it meticulously restored to its original factory team car style and tracked down its old works registration 9046 H. The present owner, Erich Traber, is a regular Mille Miglia entrant following in the tracks of Peter Collins."

from BritMovie film forum

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RIP Ian Carmichael, the word quality comes to mind. I only watched School for Scoundrels a month ago, brilliant.
"She takes the eye dos'ent she?".......Top quote, Wal.

shoebox......Thanks for the history of the DB3S, I never knew it was one of the first dozen, I always assumed it was just one of the later 300 or so that was altered by the props department to make the 'Bellini'.

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