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Following on from the 1st auction held by Paul tootall, and won by Bry bigjob, there's a bit of an announcement.

Bry has very generously paid for his win (putting a massive £120 into the pot :eek:) but decided not to claim the panel and has asked for it to be re-auctioned to generate more funds for Rods 'n Sods.

Many thanks Bry :tup:

Auction Rules
  • The auction will run for 2 weeks (Ending Midnight 3rd of June).
  • (ideally) Bids to be placed in increments of no more than £5 above the previous bid to allow the auction to run & not to just sit stale for 2 weeks :)
  • Once payment is received the panel will be sent out to the winner.
  • Proceeds from the auction will go directly towards the running and continuing improvement of the Rods 'n Sods website.
So here we have it. The auction is for a pinstriped panel supplied by tootall.

The panel is 50 x 25cm (about 20 x 10 inches) and is hand striped in Sublime Green, Orange and Imitation Gold 1Shot.

Happy Bidding :tup:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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