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I'm potless but want to help sponsor this fine site

So all/any proceeds from this spooky sale goes straight to RnS
(after expenses obviously)
No guarantees cos it's all old tat and I can't be tooled with eb*y.

Offers welcome on owt - if you have more than 10 RnS posts.
*Free* stuff only to RnS folks with 20 posts - a tiny donation to site would be grand!
Also this shi, er stuff mustn't end up on the bay next week or yule get flamed.

Prefer pick up / drop off etc - will be at Whitby on Sunday

Holley 600 £20 - came with engine, looks like it's enjoyed a good life.
Has some interesting remedial work on levers

It's got OK written on it!:tup:

Fuel filter £10 - brand new doesn't bloody fit under car.
3/8" NPT to -8 Comes with fittings shown if needed

Mr Gasket pair of filters £10 - bought for mock up.
Filters are ancient, some chrome flaking.

Cheap bit of sculpture!

MKII/III CZZ steering idler £10 - Hens teeth, oil filled idler removes slop etc

MKII Consul Disc brake upgrade - £75. Pro refurbish very long time ago at 150 quid. New (then) pads and flexis
Put on car, sat outside for a year then garaged.
Peered into calipers and pistons still look brand shiney new.
Obviously taken off struts now.

MKII Consul steering box Free*

Halloween Special!! Pair of rough cast chrome hinges. £10
Came from a Funeral Shop - true!

MKII CZZ Ford 5 stud, 5 spoke chrome superiors 6x14 FREE*
Really ratty but with trims could give bigger tyres on a stocker!

Leather Seat repair kit £10 - I got the kit plus the expensive black satin dye
Perfect repairs to torn or worn seats. Only used a tiny bit so can easily
repair loads more.

Kenlow fan Free* - Comes with thermo thing. Tiny but cooled an Essex V6
Bonnet struts Free* - no leaks, just couldn't keep an XJS bonnet up no more.
XJS remote door lock popper thing Free*


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Hi Kustom Jim, could i have the mk 2 consul struts and steering box please?

Regards Phil
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