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New SBC hyd roller cam conversion kits , custom hyd roller cam 3 grinds avaliable mild to fairly wild with that hot rod lopey engine idle we all love:smoke:
This is a complete retro fit hyd roller cam conversion kit that includes:
1- Hyd roller cam ( uses stock iron dizzy gear) no need for brass bronze gear swap on your dizzy:tup:
16 hyd roller lifters (with horizontal guide bars) not cheap vertical bars as some brands use.
1- P/C true roller timing chain set with 9 key crank gear , cam gear has torringtion roller bearing thrust plate to prevent block wear and aft cam movement, chain is true roller with .250 roller pins. & pre streched for no chain stretching over time:tup:
1- Block cam tunnel block plate & , this must be mounted to front of block behind cam gear a 5 min job.

1-Roller cam thrust button to prevent forward cam movement.
16- E/W heat treated pushrods.. needed for retro roller cam installation (stock push rods will not work.. they are too long

This kit is complete & all you need to convert you flat tappet cam'd SBC:sniff: to a new state of the art hyd roller cam'd engine:D

Roller cams produce approx 25 to 30+ more BHP & 30 to 40+ more ft lbs torque over similar flat tappet cam grinds in the same engines:D
Roller cams greatly reduce internal engine friction and increase gas mileage:cool:
Roller cams produce a much wider power band / smoother torqre curve and engines rev much quicker:tup: then flat tappet cam'd engines:cry:
Roller cam eliminate worn cam lobes & cam lifters and the damage that occours to the engines crank & bearing shells & oil pump & cyln walls & piston skirts & many other components that happens when your flat tappet cam fails & all those nasty iron particals flow through your engine as the cam lobes & lifters wear & or fail:shocked::sniff:

*Oil companies world wide have removed the needed ZINC & PHOSPHATES & FRICTION MODIFIERS from there oils the good stuff old style flat tappet cams needed to live a long life.. why? new engines are mostly roller cam'd and these additives are not needed & new cars run with converters.. & these additives damage the converters

Say good bye to that old school hyd or solid flat tappet cam in your engine.:p... now " NEW SCHOOL MEETS O'LL SCHOOL" a match made in heaven:smoke:
These complete roller cam kits fit the following SBC engines
283 & 305 & 307 & 327 & 350 & 400 cid engines.
PRICE***440** to your door UK via US air mail.

CHEERS! Daryl/ Dr.Dee
e-mail [email protected]

PS: GO 100% roller :tup: we can add WARHAMMER forged alumium roller rockers 1.5 & 1.6 :1 ratios for 98 GBP now your 100% rollerized:D
Here's our O'll skool meets new skool Chevy 327 roller engine with WARHAMMER roller rockers installed.

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