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I was having anightmare with one in a mates cars yesterday. Last time I played with a dual point was in a Daimler engine 30 odd years ago .

After a lot of messing about , we changed points and got it going ( original set appeared to have weker spring tension on one set ?) . Anyway, any guidance or links to informative sites apprecaited. Need to know how to set the thing up properly and should it run with ballst etc.

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Hi Kev,

I cribbed this text from somewheres a while ago...
I thought points opened at the same time!?

The correct way is to set the first set of points to about 12 thou and then set the second set using a dwell guage so that you achieve the correct dwell angle. think it was about 32 degrees on mine. You dont set both sets of points to 20 that dont work. if you look at how the points open you will see that the second set opens before the first ones are even closing, this is to intensify the spark. Another thing to remember is if you are running a ballast resistor, you need 10v going to the ignition, not 8, not 9 but 10. less than this will give you no end of grief, and any more will burn them out. you can run two balasts if need be, but always check your live feed with a multi meter

BTW if you go to they have the exact settings for all dizzys and how to do it if i remember correctly


I have an old form 602A with my dizzy.


ps two ballast things came with distributor but didn't need to use em as I got MSD box

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Thinking that i had a fault with my Billet dizzy, i dug out an old but usefull mallory. I run a Msd so it only used the leading set of points and no ballast resistor. 60 quid for Mallory E spark conversion and 20mins work. jobs a good'un. No dwell or points to go bad:tup:

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I believe Mallory do a conversion to electronic for these dizzies, this is probably the best bet, as I learned a long time ago that points are the spawn of the devil!

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Are these mec advance or vac advance ,I used to run with a ballast on my rover v8 had a accel coil explode when forgot to fit it.
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