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A local NZ Off Road specialist does this conversion and I have had one for over 8yrs now, brilliant spark and virtually water proof...unlike the old Lucas dissy. This is his process, sorry don't have the exact measurements

1) On Lucas dissy, measure distance from bottom of gear to top of ring on casing where fork bracket holds it to the engine.
2)Remove the gear from the bottom of the Lucas dissy, remove the shaft and cut off the casing just above where the fork bracket holds it to the engine.
3) Take a V8 Chevy HEI dissy and remover gear from the bottom, disassemble shaft and lathe off the rough outside of the casing to just bigger than the inner diameter of the Lucas dissy casing.
4) Heat Lucas case and freeze Chevy case.....slide Chevy into Lucas so bottoms of casings line up.
5)Refit Chevy shaft. Rover drive gear fits to the bottom of the Chevy shaft. check measurement from 1 is still the same.
6) Refit and tune as you would after any dissy removal and overhaul.

Rookie mistake on reassembly: I fritzed my first module by not using heat sink paste doh!

If any machinists on here can offer advice on the interference fit side of things I'd like to know
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