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1st stab at this so trying to keep it simple and to the point. Rather than scenarios.


- understand the accessory limitations and specifications -- such as speed, size, mounting and guarding requirements, etc. and match this to your specifications of the power tool as shown in the owner/operator's manual; and,

If anyone want specific topic addressed, please post up the question.

Next I will address Abrasive wheels used on pedestal and hand held grinders.
That doesn't make sense.

One of the major things to do with electrical safety which you haven't mentioned yet, but is important is running portable appliances through a circuit breaker, ELCB of RCD type.
Another good idea is an emergency stop button fitted to a wall, ideally closest to the garage door nearest the house, and all members made aware of the location, so in the event of something going wrong, they can hit the switch and kill the power.

Thank you for your thought provoking article. We all take risks, just takes one to hurt.

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