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scavengers cc
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Sacvengers rockabilly roustabout
sat 5th september 2009
midday til late

playing live
bill fadden & the rhythm busters
the deadwood drifters

Smokey joe & little carl

park up
pitch up
drink up

The rose & crown
stelling minnis
nr canterbury
ct4 6as

£5.00 entrance
free camping
great pub food
breakfast served

see the scavengers web site for details

scavengers cc
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hey falfa that sounds like chicken shit,
i have sat on the toilet longer than that reading a paper.

you can always try inviting us to one of yours,we went down to devon in february

6 hours in a car got pissed kipped and went home.

no doubt we will meet one day (who knows where who knows when).

catch you another time for a drink.


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We'll be at the Shakedown,Nostalgia Nationals,Hotrodrod drags,..........We also have my boys 18th at the Chevy Shack (ok,he was 18 in Jan but was way too cold for that type of shananigans!!!) Texas Stars playing and the lads new band 4 Fifty-Four......... We cant compete with your Hawian bar but we do drink a fair bit, lol.
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