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cheers kev,

got a reply from dvla. guessing its just standard copy an paste!!!

Dear Mrs Ralph

Thank you for your email received on 26/6/14. Your email reference number is 2169394.

You can take your car, light van or three-wheeled motor vehicle (excluding motor tricycles), to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), they will make sure that it is dismantled in an environmentally friendly way.

They should give you a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) straight away if they agree to take your vehicle. Keep the certificate as proof that the vehicle has been destroyed and you are no longer responsible for it.

If you have a vehicle other than those already mentioned, you can still take your vehicle to an ATF to ensure it is destroyed to specific environmental standards. They will arrange for the vehicle record at DVLA, to be updated with a Notification of Destruction. To find your nearest ATF please visit

If your vehicle has been handed to any scrap dealer or ATF then you must still fill in the V5C/3 'Notification of sale or transfer' section of your vehicle Registration Certificate V5C, and send it to DVLA. You should get a letter confirming that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle within 4 weeks.

If you no longer have the V5C, you will need to write to the address below quoting the following details:

• vehicle registration number

• make/model of the vehicle

• exact date of transfer/scrapping and the

• name/address of the motor trader/scrap dealer

The documentation will need to be forwarded to:

Vehicles Customer Services
SA99 1BD
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