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2005 - or later
creation p-cut
needs a com port to run or usb 1
I can't even show you it working, as my laptop has no com port or usb 1
-the plotter has usb port - but its a simple usb1 to serial emulator
-my machine is usb 2 - so i cannot allocate the port, so the software crashes
hense the sale really
comes with some basic software. - serial cable

if you have xp on a pooter with a com port it will deffo work

if you have a usb 1 machine with xp -maybe

if you have a vista usb machine - dunno

if you have vista on a laptop with usb 2 and no com port it will conflict with com 1 and 2.

0774 858 2044

it does a test cut - you can see it cut a simple rectangle
-so this shows you it moves x y and z

-i am sticking with my older plotter - non usb, and buying a new pooter tower and an internal com rs232 card

so i no longer need the thing - its big hense for sale
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