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Dunno how many folks on here know of me mate Smax, but he's racing in the States these days, for a small family team called Leverich Racing who've recently stepped up to Top Fuel. Just got this e-mail off him about his last event, I guess not everyone will be interested, but for anyone who wants to read it all through, it's a little bit of an insight into the fun and frolics that is Top Fuel..... :cool:

well after all our recent troubles we decided best to go with a 5 disc set up for the race in martin ,michigan at 131 us dragway
so we arrived with a new block n crank and a trusty 5 disc so with usual amount of thrashing we were ready for the 1st q1 fri nite
we were paired against veteran nhra driver pat deakin so pulled into stage n left 1st (with a 055 red) but all cyls lit and a decent .950 sixty foot but motor shut off approx 250 ft so i thought lost a belt
i cruised down to qualify and leaned motor to pick up a bit of et
when i jumped out belt was on but took a while to figure out what quit when motor was still running-no backfire or burst panel gone then found blower studs broken so lost boost and rpm
figured with our slightly higher compression that we were maybe detonating with 89% nitro so went to Q 2 with 84.5
also had some rr main damage to just half brg on clutch side so figured burnout rpm too high so dropped that also
anyhow went for Q 2 against bobby lagana jnr and after firing had 2 roll throttle cos we been working real hard to get the clutch neutral perfect so had to roll throttle ever so slightly to pull fwd for gr8 burnout
had to do same to pull into prestage but of course decides to finally start dragging and pulls me into stage (i should have been harder on brake) so poor lagana thrown into a panic to get staged
i eneded up on high side too long but left 1st but dropped 2 cyls @ approx 300 ft motor went out??
back 2 pits again we discovered broken blower studs and similar rr main brg damage
maybe this isn t detonation but clutch coming in too early-draggin dowwn motor n not makin rpms at hit so i moved 1st timer ahead a little and changed 1st jet to see if this helped rr main
went for Q 3 against terry mc millen and left with a fine .081 lite but again dropped 2 cyls but they came back cos before the 1/8th made a huge charge but b4 1000ft motor shut off again (i thought belt 4 sure) so crossed finish then pulled chutes at 240 mphand shut off fuel
i felt slight pull of chutes but quickly realised something wrong cos i wasnt slowing so grabbed brake but nothing!!!!!!gave it a couple of pulls but NOTHING
thought i m into the sand so steered into the sandtrap straight as i could blasting past terry who was also in the sand and went so far into the beach i was looking for my sunglasses and a pina colada!!!!!!
i was aok and suprisingly car was ok-no ft wing damage and didn t roll
martin has huge run off and long sandtrap and i used every inch going in there at over 200 mph !!!!
took safety tow truck a while to winch car out then faced with how i m gonna get car back with no brakes so aidee steered-bob drove tow car at 5 mph and i walked alongside car almost a mile back to our pits ready to be the brakes!!!!
all in all was a great learning w/end but a tough field
the bump was 4.84 and all the heavy hitters were there so we ended up not qualifying but happy we got down track finally and would have been a low five had we not dropped the cyls at hit and shook blower off car AGAIN!!!
we finally realised our problem was just engine vibration cos we added 5 disc and this is common problem
most teams have pads or shim studs to guide flywheel from moving around too much
we have huge gap behing f/wheel to motor plate cos we spaced our 8 5/8 bell hsg back to get the 5 disc in so good ol fashioned motor shake rattled everything including the steel brake line from the master cyl-the chutes were wrapped under the wheely bar so we will have all that sorted for epping new hampshire 5 weeks away

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It makes me realise that I have only played at Drag Racing, if hard work and determination brought success then Smax would have a shelf full of Wally's. Smax is an example to us all, 'Don't Dream It, Be It'.
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