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Thought I would add this in because I was pleased with the result.

Nicola's mum passed away early in January.
She was always a keen gardener and over the years also rescued many animals.

She had a small statue of St Francis of Asisi in the garden and when she died, it came home with us.

I had walked around with the idea of making a small shelter for him to stand in, in the garden.

This morning I popped down to the local pub who always has a pile of wood from fencing jobs waiting for the next bonfire. So I fetched a few old weathered feather boards.

I also grabbed some 12mm ply from the garage and cot some to shape, making it up as I went along.

Knocked up a nice AA road patrol house for St Francis.

Also cut out a Cross on the bandsaw to fit inside the shelter.

Once completed I posted him out on a bit of railway sleeper in the garden so he can keep an eye on everything.

Nicola was happy.... she also cooked me dinner.
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