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Always worth asking here as there are a few C10's on here too.

I have a '66 Short Fleetside which has been lowered with heated cools etc a long time ago. THREAD HERE:
The truck behaves like a rubber duck on water when doing the bends.

It is fitted with a 350/3 speed auto combo that obviously influences ride height a bit. But hope someone can measure a "standard height" V8 truck to give me a better idea of where I should be and where I should be heading.

I really like a bit of nose down rake.

Plans are to keep to standard 6 lug, drum brake setup so no dropped spindles etc. And is still needs to to my teardrop.

I am looking at replacing the shocks and springs when I repaint and strip down the truck.

Brothers currently has 50% off on the lot.

My truck parked up in the garage shows these measurements to the underside of the fenders.

Front 27 1/4
Rear 26 1/2 on passenger side
26 on driver side

Does anyone have the stock standard measurements for these truck front and rear please??
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