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Whaddya think ?

Stick with the 1st December or wait til after christmas so maybe some people can put models down on their wish list (don't we all :incheek:)

My name is Martin
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Well I think some people are keen to start now/soon.

I assume we can let people start whenever between 1 Dec and 28 Feb as long as we verify their start date.

3 months is a long time, so with some January starter's they'd have almost 2 months to complete.

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Hi everyone
Here is the draft copy of the rules for your perusal

Starting Date 1st of Dec 2009
Finish Date 28th of Feb 2010.

3 Classes for over 16's Only
1 Class for under 16's

Box Stock, built as per the kit instructions, no mods allowed, ONLY detailing, prize for winner only. Any SCALE goes. Any TYPE of vehicle goes.
Modified, ANYTHING goes, street, strip, fink monsters, show rods, anything, prize for winner only. Any SCALE goes. Any TYPE of vehicle goes.
Slammers, NO opening hood or interior detail, judged on paint finiish and concept, prize for winner only. Any SCALE goes. Any TYPE of vehicle goes.

UNDER 16's
Single class ANYTHING goes, any SCALE goes, Any TYPE of vehicle goes. Prizes for winner and runner up.

ANY type of Vehicle can be built (cars, bikes, vans etc) BUT must be built in the spirit of this forum.

ALL models may consist of a NEW or OLD STOCK KIT but MUST be UNSTARTED.

2 entries MAXIMUM

1 photo showing the unstarted kit/kits with a copy of a Newspaper from the day you started it PLUS details of make/model of the car.
Anyone having NOT submitted a photo/details of the unstarted model/models will NOT be eligble to take part.
ALL PRE BUILT photos MUST BE sent to Roadrunna.[Photos and Details WILL NOT be seen by anyone else except Roadrunna who is not taking part.]

PLEASE NOTE: You can join at anytime during the 3 months the competition is running BUT a pre built DATED photo MUST BE sent to be eligible to be entered.

Various build up photos MUST BE taken during the competition and MUST show the Rods`n`Sods logo behind the model.
BUILD UP photos MAY BE sent to Roadrunna (if you want to keep your project/projects secret) or published on the forum if you want to show off your progress.

ALL Build up images will be made available after the competiton has finished for use when it comes to the voting.

3 photo's of the finished model to be taken 1 side profile, 1 front, 1 rear (front and rear can be taken at an angle) for use for judging purposes

After the closing date of 28th February 2010 you will have 1 WEEK to submit your photos of the completed model to Roadrunna.
Once all the photos have been submitted ALL build up and completed photos will be available for veiwing.


This might not be worded right so feel free to pull apart and change/add anything.
I am not sure on voting side of it.

Roadrunna ref my question earlier regarding taking part.
I really want to take part but I am worried that as I am helping to run it other people might think it wrong. I know you will be able to see all the models but will Martin and myself? If so that is the part that concerns me.

Are you taking part Martin?

My name is Martin
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Na I wont be taking part.

As I said on PM, probably a weeks voting poll beginning of march would be good. Let the people judge.

Oh yeh as I said yesterday, the rules are spot on
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