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Hi fellas,

Ive got a 88 fox gt thats currently sitting on these stock wheels but want to know if there is any interest at all for them because if there not worth much then its probably worth just keeping as spares.

If i could get £250 for them id be happy, i haven't got any pics at the minute but the wheels are in very good shape no curbing or scratches and clean up very nice, the tyres are ok few dry cracks should be ok but not something you would want to go speeding down the motorway on to be safe.

Ill give them a once over again tomorrow as its a bit dark now and get pics of my actual wheels.

Pics are from the internet but have same size tyres and pretty much same condition wheels as the pic too.

If anyone is interested give me a shout and you can come and view anytime after 6.30 or anytime Saturday or Sunday in Northolt ub5

Cheers Harley

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