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Anyone on here know what happened to Streetwalker?
It is a Cresta, Was dark blue last time I saw it. It had an unusually small CI Chevy V8 in it. Think it was only a 2.8 or something.
It used to have Street Walker painted up the 1/4 panels years ago.
Last time I saw it, It was in a lock up garage in Coventry. Slowly rusting away.
I was going to buy it and rescue it, But my 57 came along instead.
I wonder if its still there? Anyone know?
It was typical late 70s styling, Quite street racer. High stance, Slot mags, Cool looking.
Dont really know how to track it down again now. I saw it about 10 or 11 years ago. It was owned by a guy that worked for auto windscreens. He used to come to our bodyshop n fit screens for us. Cant even remember his name.
Anyone got any info?
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