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Dragging not Bragging
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I was cutting some chassis metal (3x2) and ran out of 4" discs so i removed the guard and fitted a 9" disc ...........boy are they out of balance ............still got all my fingers :tup:

Or the time i was helping someone prostreet hes car (anonymous) but the length of box was to long to fit in the shed the bit we was cutting was in the shed the rest was out the door and to prevent the wobble from sawing it (by hand) i was sitting on the opposite end .................IN THE SNOW .....:pmsl:

Im waiting to receive the pic we took know who you are and you know which pic :pmsl:

OR my fav

Have you seen the bonnet scoop on chrismk4's zephyr

Its steel you know and while making it we had to remove the paint from it so we could weld it

Now picture the scene bigbro weilding the grinder while i hold the scoop, the grinder snatched he gets in a fluster and askes " you ok " At which point i bend my wedding ring finger right in to my palm just above the ring and say " NO YOU C**T you've cut my finger off "

Panic striken, and i mean panic stricken he turns a whiter shade of pale starts hunting around the shed on the bench and the floor looking for 2 inches of finger

did my hardest to help him but even with digits numbering ten i couldnt stop myself from laughing, even now just thinking about makes me pee myself

He couldnt sleep at all that nite through shaking .............:pmsl:


Just last week the look on mrcads face as he walked behind my car at 11pm for a visit (nothing unusearall there ) except i was hiding behind the car an jumped out at him ...............lets just say he had a brown underware moment :pmsl:

The list could go on believe me .........and all i ever ask for is people to say that i helped :shake:
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