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OK weve all done dumb ass things,some unwitinly,some through ignorance,some through sheer kick things off ill admit to a personal fuck up, and the best one i ever read about

When apprenticed (15 yr old) in A Ford dealer we used to have to weld/braze McPherson top strut plates on every model Ford made,we could do 6 pairs a day,bosh bosh weld and ,underseal with a brush just to get though the MOT,bear in mind the average age of these cars were about two years old !,Well i got a MK4 Zodiac executive,V6(top banana)half way through welding the O/S top plate there was a small "bang"under the wheel house,quickly followed by a large fire,all be it limited to the imeadiate area around the o/s/f wheelhouse,by the time i found an extinguisher that dribbled water out like i take a piss,the whole fukin car was alight and was now spreading to the rest of the cars in the shop,any how the end result was a seriously fucked body shop,but what we did learn was that particular model was the only one to have a brass fuel resevoir which held about a pint ana half of fuel,to stop it starving the carb-oops!:S

Funnist i read about Car Craft mag,two mates fitted a new 4bbl,but wernt certain that the vac sec's were opening at full throttle,after trying various things with out sucess they decided the only way would be for one to drive the thing "hard"from a standing start,(this was a Hi Po Big block car)while the other "spragged" himself in the engine bay,obviously with the hood up ! so he could see exactly what was happening :lol:_can you imagine !!

Come on boys time to bear all.................
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