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Its up and has glass in the windows, doors etc, plastic slate roof tiles - it is about 8ft x 10 ft footprint (but I'll check that)

You dismantle it and take it away

it's a bit crusty on the bottom corners - but its free and if you need a cheap shed!

Looks like it is bolted together as 'panels' as I can see bolts in the corners

It has a timber floor so could sit on paving slabs or even just onto the ground

doors are glass upper part and window on the front and both sides, it has curtains too and a stained glass lamp shade and ceiling light!

In fact its almost a desirable residence!

the photo is not the actual one - but its similar to this - and if you are interested I'll email a photo of the one.

I want it gone in the next say two or three weeks - located in Steyning - large van/truck can be parked about 30 metres away - for carrying the panels.

Ideal for making a small garden man cave - motorbike store, porn hideout, garden bar etc

PM your phone number if interested


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