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Hi All,

Colin and Sue (colchevytruck and SMA37 on the NSRA site) started this meet back in July 09. Its the second Sunday of each month.

THE VENUE : OK AMERICAN DINER on the A1 northbound approx 4 miles north of Stamford (lincs). This is a service station/area with a TEXACO petrol station (you will probably see the TEXACO garage before you see the diner).

The diner is done out with a 50s theme to it with appropriate music and decor.
The food was good and reasonably priced with an endless cup of coffee.

We meet about 09-00 and stay to about 11-00/Midday, although the September meet did go on until 13-30.

Anyone interested just pop along.


Russ. 07762 - 747643.
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