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I've been looking around and the amount of stuff out there supporting keeping old American muscle on the streets is amazing. Much more than we get over here.

But I did some investigation, and I'm fully confident you could build a 67-69 Camaro (or similar) from entirely new parts. Such is the immense availability of support. It really does make me smile to see people so dedicated to keeping these pieces of history on the road. I just wish we had the same sort of thing over here.

Schwartz Performance for a G Machine chassis.
Dynacorn for a fully licenced STEEL body. Camaros, Chevelles, Firebirds, Pickups, Mustangs. Incredible
GM Performance Parts for a GM engine.
Classic Industries for everything else. Everything made specifically for those models, from air con right down to buttons and switches.

Obviously there are more people out there, including Cars Inc who do 55/57 steel bodies, but the support is truly phenomenal.
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