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We have not advertised having an Auto Jumble Area this year.

However we have now been contacted by a few people asking if were having one this year as they would like to attend and sell some bits. So we are considering the possibility of giving it another go.

We have decided ( if there is enough interest ) to offer an area up for the Auto Jumble within the show again for this year.

If you have surplus parts and Auto Jumble stuff that you want to try moving on and are NOT running an Auto Jumble/Swap meet business then you can have 2 meters FREE of charge with your Day or Weekend ticket. Saturday or Sunday (May 24th or 25th)

We would really appreciate your thoughts and indication as to whether you would be interested.

We would be more than grateful if you could spread the word to others including the rest of your club if you're in one and kindly give us some feedback either on here or pm me or give me a call in the office.

If there isn't enough interest then sadly we won't be able to run with the Auto Jumble idea and the only way we will know if we can get this off the ground is to throw it over to you.

Thanks in advance

PS If you are a professional Auto Jumble Trader and need more than 2 meters please Pm me or give me a call in the office 08444 151413 and we can discuss your requirements.


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How about all the American superstock and pro modified guys and girls heading to York, then there's the mega unpowered tour that's around 100+ American cars driving around the uk visiting drag strips and finishing in York on Monday.

So as far as I can tell, there's one hell of a lot of American and modified car owners going to be busy that weekend.
So having a American auto jumble at the same time nowhere near where they are should work :)
Is it relevant? I don't know
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