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I have a big 3 phase two cylinder unit in the garage, which I have recently reworked with the extras that should have been on there all the time ( safety relief valve, automatic overpressure cutout switch ) and I can now use it for just about anything.

However - it really isn't big enough for sandblasting anything large, like a truck body or chassis. It's fine for small stuff, and will do a whole truck a few square feet at a time, just not sure I want to spend that long on it.

Basically if you have a compressor that will fill tyres and run a paint sprayer, you need to go a country mile beyond that before you can meet the cfm for a real blaster, which is the only thing you would need a BIG compressor for. I have a small Chinese unit that pretty much does everything the big old one does from a 13 amp socket except run the blaster.

I do agree that if you are not a commercial operation electric tools are fine, generally lower cost, and instant on / off with no messing around.
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