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Collected my hotrod today and have noticed that it is dripping transmission fluid after a run out.

Obviously I will have to find the leak, but how do I top it up (you have guessed it, I am no mechanic).

I know autoboxes often have odd procedures to follow to check and top up fluid - can someone tell me.

1. how to check (engine warm cold etc)
2. How to top up
3. What fluid
4. Does it matter if I top up with a different fluid than is already in it
As a reward for reading this thread here a link to me taking aride out through the Hatfield tunnel

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That sounded quite sweet until you nailed it through the tunnel! LOL.

Glad you sorted out the top up procedure. I had two leaks on mine, one being the tailshaft seal, although i dont think that would be the case with yours as it leaks after you stop and secondly, i also had oil leaking from the sump pan gasket because some numpty had overtightened the bolts! As i have realised with those pans after seeing that, if its not a stronger alloy type sump pan then they can easily distort and cause major fluid loss the tighter you wind the bolts up!

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