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You guys might have changed or got older but we still look the same.

We took some mind enhancing drug that Hatter had about his person and tripped out for the last 25 years.
We came too last week feeling still young and fresh.

I cannot believe it.....we still have the van.

What is a mobile phone.?

Did we beat the Argentinians in the Falklands.?

Is Abba still at number one.?

For the rest of you look back at how handsome or attractive you looked.

The eighties were a great time for the NSVA. People had spare cash to build vans, pickups or other creations.

There were clubs all over the UK.

From Bristol to Kent to Birmingham East Anglia to Stoke on Trent.

Every weekend there was a van run in a different part of the country.

A theme for the weekend was thought of, and everyone made a real effort to dress the part and bring stuff along to add to the fun.

We had the money to fill our petrol tanks and do some serious partying.

There was the annual vanners holiday in June

We would take over a whole campsite, the clubhouse and any loose women.

Some venues were...

Sennen Cove ( lands end).
Isle of Wight.
Newquay. Sand surfing on the beach with Jay Trapnell`s jeep and a large car bonnet.

Van displays and club PR promotions were held at Silverstone ,Donnington and Brands Hatch as part of the Truck Racing programme.
We would also hold impromptu drag racing in the evening.(until the marshalls would stop the action).

Motor100 was another large one off event at Silverstone we attended.

The Kit Car show was another popular event.

Vans appeared in films.

We had celebrities involved.

Truckfest and Expo Steam were the two biggest events.

Truckfest 1986 saw 320 vans and pickups attend.
We had our own display area and trophies sponsored by Ford UK.

We had our own 100ft x50ft marque.
The Steve Beal Roadshow disco until the wee hours.
During the day in front of the van display we had...

A 40ft curtain sided lorry trailer for our live bands.
Steve Beal Disco.
+ fun and games.
A parade around the main ring that brought the crowd to their feet.
Pete Best`s Bigfoot also on our display.

These were perhaps the peak times of the vanning movement.

We had a great committee who were real characters. Our president "Stan The Man" Mike Stanley was fantastic at his job and really pulled the club together.

When the "Yanks" American service men from USAF Alconbury got involved I think it added a real vitality and fun aspect to club runs.

In the eighties everyone in the vanning or hot rod scene wanted to be American, we copied their styles, brought their vehicles and listened to their music.

To have some real good old ******** in the club scene added a bit of reality.

I think the younger members of the scene today missed the best times.

Everything was fresh and new.

You had to build a van that went performed and handled well, we were using 1950`s/1960`s or early 1970`s technology and vans a far cry from your Renault Traffic you can buy a 150bhp van from a showroom.

After Stan stood down Pierre Corbett took over the reigns as president. Another nice guy.

Somewhere I have a photo of four past presidents from the club dating from the late seventies to late eighties together at a run nr Yarmouth.

If you remember any of these faces please put names to them.


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I was never that young................

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Stan The Man in character.
Kerry from Peterborough.
Mark the Vicar.

This was a run organised by Rebel Truckers of Birmingham.

The theme for the weekend was Travellers or Dealers.

Everyone during the week went unshaven ( including the girls ) so they looked the part.


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Mark the vicar in normal party attire.!!!

He was great.

He turned up to a van run one weekend in dog collar and clerical attire.

He was so convincing everyone thought he was a real vicar for a very long time during that show season.

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