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name: harley peters

age: 16

relation with cars: i grew up having rods and yanks around me cos of my dad

i helped build a chevy 383 strocker engine oh and helped out with building my dads 55 chevy gasser

we won the flathead meltdown in 1998 with my dads model a on 32 rails

i do motor mechanics at college

currently building a morris minor gasser with straight axle posi rear end and a small block chevy she should fly :finger:

dream car: a 28/9 model a roadster running no windscreen with stock frame,juice brakes,kelsey's with a four banger or flatty v8 with pre war tunning gear on it in early bonneville style

i think ive read the how to hot rod a model a/b engine section in the ford speed manual quite a few times now

thats basicly it

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Welcome mate . you seemed to have started life on the right foot anyway with all them cars.

I know nothing about cars really just like the scenes and having a laugh :tup:
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