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Aluminium case Powerglide.

Time for some more spares to go. This gearbox has been built up as a spare so I've not had a chance to test it, but it should be a great box.


Case trimmed for clearance for shields, and internally modified for Transbrake.
TCI transbrake valvebody.
Hardened input shaft. (glide splines)
New twin ring low servo.
New steel high clutch hub replacing standard cast hub.
High piston machined for 5 clutches and race spec clutch pack clearance.
Reverse piston machined for 5 clutches and race spec clutch pack clearance.
The band, clutches and steels are TCI and were used one season behind our small engine (approx 180hp) you can still clearly read the partnumbers printed on the clutch surface so they are barely used! (I swapped them out of our main box when we went to our big motor as I had a fresh set available.)
Pump stripped and clearances checked, spot on.
Endplay set with new thrust washer.
New one piece shift lever.
New "soft" parts: Filter, pump seals, extension housing seals, shift lever seal, pump case bush, extension housing bush, wedding band, gaskets etc.

And even a new drain plug has been fitted with a captive nut.

The only things missing to bolt in and go are a Transbrake solenoid (was going to swap ours over if we ever needed it) and a dipstick.

£525 ono. Feel free to reply on here, or if you have any questions also feel free to give me a call or an e-mail, I don’t bite. Located in Essex, but can deliver up the A1 to Yorks in mid Nov or over towards Tamworth end Nov.

Thanks very much!

Dean: 07971 669513 or dean at teamtwisted co uk
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