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Had tickets last night to see Paul Weller at nearby Bedgebury Forest which is a great outdoor venue if the sun shines-and did it shine yesterday.Finished work and got home ,deciding to take both motorbikes to get through the traffic easily.Got loaded up with a picnic and two chairs-hopped on my Yamaha,which in 8 yrs has never missed a beat,and -nothing.Looks like the ignition switch has shit itself,so i grumpily hopped on the back of the wifes bike.Now i hate being a pillion,more so with 2 chairs and a picnic hanging off me.Luckily its only a couple of miles from my gaff to the concert,so it wasnt so bad.
Got into the event,which is a lovely spot,even managing to sneak in a couple of beers past security ,seeing as i wasnt driving or riding .Set out the chairs,the wife gives me my food ,and i opened a beer and tipped it all over myself,giving off the impression that id pissed myself-it was allover my crotch.By now i was getting the hump,and the support group didnt help as they were pretty shit.
On comes Mr Weller,and despite playing some more obscure stuff amongst his many hits,played his usual tight,spot on way.Mid way through he brought on a special guest-none other than Roger Daltrey,and the place went fucking bananas.I soon forgot the bike and the beer spilling as he tore through "substitute" and "cant explain" and then dueted on "the changingman" with Weller.
Daltrey can still sing like his life depended on it,and for me and many others there it was sheer magic-2 legends on stage on a warm midsummer evening in a perfect setting.I had my wife beside me-we recently married after 9 yrs together-and she is the best thing ever to happen to me.We got married to a Paul Weller tune,so it all seemed very apt,and Daltrey is just something else.
Love him or hate him,Weller played for nearly 3 hrs,and did 3 encores.It all finished with "A Town Called Malice" at full volume and everyone jigging about like lunatics.We were home and in bed at 11.15 ,sipping some Champagne left over from the wedding.It dawned on me that lifes not so bad in the CA household.Cracking night.:smoke::tup:
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