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Hi Folks ,

Im having a bit of a clear out so I can concentrate on my own projects and get some on the road .

So as a result I have decided to sell my trailer .

This is a twin axel trailer which has a bed that is 68 inches wide by 144 long .

Please be aware that although I have used this on numerous occasions over the last few years that it is not pretty .

What I did was buy a trailer and then buy new de-haviland brakes and cables , but have never got around to fitting them - I also intended to replace the mud guards and the bed but have never had time .

The brakes will be supplied new in the box with the cables ( this lot cost £400 on there own ) I have the receipts somewhere .

So basically - you pay for the brakes and you get the trailer for £50

The trailer has a manual winch and a spare wheel which will be supplied - It will need a tyre - another has a slow puncture ...

The ramps are nice and long so is ok for a fairly low car

There are a good number of strap anchor points - I will also throw in a couple of straps .

The trailer has sat for about 6 months where it is hence the fact it looks so dirty .

This has served me well for collecting cars and paid for itsself within a few months of owning - I am stopping doing restoration work for others so will no longer need it .


Any inspection is welcome - PM me for any info - Thanks Jon
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