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Thanks for that john56, just catching up on progress. I have raised the body one inch with packers on the spring. Happy with the spring shackles now and well on with the new ladder bars but having to wait for local welder to finish them. If he cannot do it I will have to have a go myself but would rather be working on my new bike project including a mobile bench to assemble it on.
Finally found a way of adding pictures using my Ipad. Thankyou to all those who posed questions and posted answers on here. I think Brading gets the gold star this time.
This is a picture of part of the new ladder bar in box section. The M10 threaded insert was turned on my lathe to diameters that locate inside the box then its cut down until the larger axis diameter fits inside. Picture shows one before cutting and one is already fitted. Then ready to weld.
The second picture is the rose joint nut embedded into the box waiting to be welded. Will remove the joint before welding. I will make stepped spacers to fit either side of the rose joint and rubber bushes to keep out the dirt and keep the grease in. On reflection I might have used metallastic bushes this end. AV Solutions do a big range.


161 - 162 of 162 Posts