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Overview: The following tutorial is a step by step guide on how to upload a single image into your account using the Rods 'n Sods Image Hosting.

Rods 'n Sods Image Hosting is available to ALL registered users via the 'Image Hosting' button on the menu above.

It may help to open the Image Hosting area in a seperate browser window or tab so that you can flick between the two for uploading and posting multiple images

Uploading The Image

Step 1.

Scroll to the top of the page. There you will see the menu bar with an icon labelled 'Image Hosting', click the image and it will open the menu with the links to view your images, upload images and view all users images (this last option is only useable if users have set their images to be public).

Click 'Upload an image'.

Step 2.

First off is to find the image you want to upload on your computer. Click the 'Browse' button on the right of an image slot and it will open up a file explorer box.

Browse through the folders to find the image you want to upload then double-click the image or select the 'Open' button with the image highlighted.
(Repeat this step if you want to upload more than one image by using the other available slots)

The maximum size for an image that can be uploaded is 1024 x 1024 pixels and upto 1MB file size. Anything above that will be refused with an error message. If your images are larger than that they will need to be resized prior to uploading.

Next click the 'Host It' button. This may take a while depending on the size of the image you upload and your internet connection speed. Once the image has uploaded you will be taken to your pictures hosting home page.

The image(s) you've just uploaded should appear at the start of the list.

Posting The Images In a Message

Step 1.

Find the image you have uploaded (either by continuing from the instructions above or by clicking the Image Hosting Icon and then the 'My Images'.

Step 2.

Right click in the 'BB Code IMG' box and choose 'Select All'. Now copy the link by right clicking again and choose 'Copy' (or by press 'ctrl' + 'c').

Step 3.

Now go to your post, right click in the text box and select 'Paste' (or press 'ctrl' + 'v'), and that's it!

Repeat the steps for any other images you want to display.

Click 'preview' under the text box to check it appears how you want, then click submit to share with the rest of the Rods 'n Sods world!

If you have or would like to do a tutorial for the Rods 'n Sods forum then please Contact Me.
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