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Hi I hope someone can help,
I have just imported a 1947 Cadillac that sadly received some nasty damage during shipping, along with going through the nightmare insurance claim I am now totaly confused by my first experience of the V55/5 form.
When talking to the DVLA i am getting conflicting advice on what I need and dont need to complete this application correctly.
Am i right in saying that i do not need a certificate of conformity as the vehicle is a 1947 U.S import and also do not need an IVA as the import is a passenger vehicle over 10 years old. If so do i then leave all questions blank on the V55/5 from question 11 to question 50.
Also being a 1947 vehicle it is MOT exempt and does not need one for the application is this also correct .
Sorry never done one before.Bet it is easy when you know how.
Please help.
Nick .

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Have search on this as it's been covered numerous times. Pretty sure it doesn't need an IVA

All you really need on the V55 is,
Chassis number
Engine size/number
MOT exemption form
Insurance cover note
Original title

Photocopy the lot and send it all off recorded and signed for.
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