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Available in the New Year but can be seen running now in my PB Cresta, which is in South London. Hop up your Cresta or something different for your rod?

Vauxhall FD Victor 3.3 straight six engine.

Weber 38 DGAS with adapter plate.

K&N chrome air filter.

Six branch tubular manifold.

Custom made stainless exhaust gives extra ground clearance, looks good and sounds cool.

Pertronix electronic ignition.

Dyno'd at about 150 bhp. Peels out nicely.

Hi torque starter motor.

Re-cored radiator.

Powerglide from Vauxhall PC Viscount. Reconditioned by Andy Frost. Slight clunk when going down from second to first when cold but nowt to worry about.

Engine mounts, etc.

Got a spare rocker cover gasket kicking around too.

£400 for the whole lot, which is less than if I priced all the bits separately. Needless to say it cost a lot, lot more than that to put together. Would prefer to sell as a job lot, but will split up if no interest in the whole package.

Just to be clear, it's all staying in the car til the New Year but advertised now in case anyone wants to see it running.

PM or call 07963 292212.

Cheers - Jez
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