Up for sale are a pair of Vauxhall pa quarter light rubbers and rear window rubber which is to suit the 1 piece rear window.
I purchased 3 complete sets off of the gentleman who owns the moulds and who used to supply Vauxhall clubs and owners worldwide. He has now gotten out of the business and will no longer be supplying anybody with any kind of Vauxhall rubber seals or rubber products apparently due to the fact that he has to get them made in bulk lots of 100 front window, 100 quarter light and 100 rear window seals to be able to sell them at a reasonable price and the initial bulk outlay is too much for him to warrant taking on for a product that is slow moving. Another thing that he’s taken into account is the fact that there wouldn’t be 100 restorable Vauxhall pa’s left in the world so he’d end up being stuck with product he’s paid for but would never be able to sell.
Which is completely understandable.

so gentlemen, with that being said,,,, it’s going to be extremely difficult From now and into the future to get ahold of window rubbers to suit any vintage model Vauxhall to complete a restoration.

Out of the 3 sets I purchased, I’ve decided to sell off 1 set as I only have 2 pa’s to restore.
The front window seal has sold and I have the quarter light seals and rear window seal left.
If you have a pa Vauxhall to restore, or intend on getting one to restore,, or know someone who is going to restore one,,, then it might be a good idea to get the rubbers while you can.