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hi folks after lots of cars 90 in total i can honestly say this one is a keeper i picked it up last year for £700 ($1166) and i havent been happier well after putting right the pervious owners wrongs and generally tiding it up. one thing i never liked tho was the wheels 6x15 revolutions so i changed that after a lot of machining of hubs and sourcing the wheels 7x15 and 8.5x15 slot mags and like the car have always been high on my list well after buying the wheels with unknown offsets i couldnt be happier 3.3/4" back spacing 4.5 pcd

anyways pics of when i got it to now

factory air suspension

the revolutions

the wheels ive been after for ages thanks to MYGASSER

freshly machined hubs new studs

i have lots planned im currently on the look out for a nice V8 and box and also the bodywork needs tidying up to my standards
please tell me your thoughts
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