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That time has come again, and im almost crying as I write this....

Ok so here we go… Up for sale is my unfinished Amazon estate project. I bought the car a while ago and drove it around for a month or 2 until the engine died a horrid death. I the replaced the engine and months later the head gasket went. So after ummming and arrrring I decided to take her off the road and do a Volvo B230 Turbo conversion, then pulled that out to stick a V8 in.

Now a year or so on I find myself on the end of a hefty pay cut at work, my girlfriend walking out on me and blah blah blah…. Oh joy…. I tried surviving but CANT so I am now left with NO option but to sell the Amazon (and most other stuff) to try and keep up with mortgage payments and keep my house.

So what have we got… Well it is a 1968 Amazon estate, Lowered over American racing Torque thrust wheels (7.5 x 17), roof rack, Cadillac back lights, American show plates etc etc…. Body wise it isn’t too bad but is starting to look a little tiered in places namely the rear arches that will probably require attention soon, there are a few rust bubbles coming up but on the whole its not to bad at all. It will require a new outrigger on the drivers side but the rest of the chassis look solid. Ok so now on to the project part. The engine is a Rover V8 high compression SD1 engine but will need a rebuild as it has been sat for sometime. The engine is sat on engine mounts but at present propped up at the rear due to no gearbox fitted. I haven’t got round to purchasing a gearbox yet. This is not a quick project but at the same time shouldn’t take long or much money to get on the road. There are obviously still lots of bits to fabricate, modify and buy! I think it goes without saying that there is no mot and will need to be tailored away.

Whilst it was on the road I also fitted the car with EPS (electronic power steering) and this made the car a dream to drive!

The interior is a little shabby but again still useable and I think it all adds character to the car.

So there you go any questions fire away… Im sure there is plenty I have missed out and I strongly urge anyone interested to come and look.

With reference to price I need to get back as much as possible and it stands me at over £4500 with the car and collection of bits. Now I know I am going to get no-where near that but would like sensible offers and no £300 is not a sensible offer! Just as a guide im guessing the £2200 mark.

Any questions or to arrange viewing please call me on 07774465996... This really does break my heart!

Will get photos up soon.
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