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Hi all, I'm new to the forum so be nice to me! :whack:

I am looking for some kind of bonnet ornamentation, ideally a bug catcher/shotgun style scoop but may consider a snorkel or similat depending on price ;)

It will not be functional (to start with certainly) so open to suggestion really. It is to go on a 1987 B2 VW Passat which is currently painted up as a ratty US Police car (think Blues Mobile) but is soon to be the Cop Rod! It has slammed suspension and will be swapping the 17" alloys for some red steelies with white wall fat 'n' skinny tyres, flames on the bonnet and wings and pin striping on the back, flame thrower exhaust, iron cross wing mirrors and then the big bug catcher (or similar) on the bonnet.

This car is purely for fun so don't be afraid to suggest something outrageous. That said, I don't have masses of cash and still have to get it back on the road after the clutch went; looking somewhere around £100 depending on what you have to offer. That would be including postage as I am in Germany (though it can be posted to a UK address).

Anyway, what have you got? Don't be afraid to offer me something damaged btw as it will probably be mounted straight onto the bonnet rather than on a carb ;)

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