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I never feel hungry or thirsty , my sense of smell and taste buds are shot for various reasons so unless very spicy or very sweet I could be eating anything . Been stuck at 16 stone for ages . I can not bother eating for 24 hours , a sandwich the next day will do andf by the 3rd day I'll eat a proper meal . For all that my weight never varies . Can't excercise due to fatigue and pain. I'd given up all hope of losing weight.

Diagnosed as diabetic 3 years back but essentially low grade . Thought I'd better make some effort towards controlling sugar intake further . So I cut out sugar in my coffee , probably have 8 or 9 a day normally with two spoonfuls. I swapped that out to sweeteners . Over the course of a year I lost 10kg slowly but surely.

Diabetes has progressed and I needed to get back to my earlier readings . I stopped having a portion of vegetable springs rolls at my weekly Chinese takeaway treat . It was also the only time I would drink a fizzy can so cut that out as well .

6 months and lost another 5kg. Sitting at just over 14 stone now and dont want to lose any more.

The worst thing you can do is diet ;) That means going without to lose weight and soon as you've lost weight you'll start eating normally again.

What you need is to change what you are eating PERMANENTLY. Small changes can make the world of difference as above .

The weight didn't all go on in 3 months so trying to get it back off in that time is hard work .

Just my take on it.

OOPs nearly forgot , when I was at teh til end of my original kidneys packing in the said a low protien diet would extend my life . I went on it and dropped from 15.5 stone to 12.5 stone in 3 months. NO greter incentive that being told you'll get 2 extra years of 'normal' life ;)

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your kinda correct but there is a science to dieting .
for example you need to be deficient of calorie intake to loose weight , but you can't tell what this figure needs to be until you know your bmr Body metabolism rate
with my current weight and work load mine ir around 2,700 calories , this will enable me to stay the same weight , so if my daily intake is 2,200 then ill be 500 calories deficient and over 7 days this makes 3500 , which is the calories required to put on 1lb
but after around 15 weeks you will stop loosing weight as your body will adjust its self to cope with this figure , so you need to drop by another 200 a day and your off again
once you have hit your target weight you need to come off the diet but this is the tricky bit as your bmr is now not the same as it was before you started the diet
so a 2 weekly increase of around 50-100 calories a day and monitor your weight , what you dont want is to allow your body to store these as a reserve because you have been deficient in calories , so a slow increase will also raise your metabolism up to a decent point , then its a case of altering your eating habits to maintain the weight you want
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