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due to dropped hours and threat off redundancie im looking for a new job.

i have about 6 years experience in the welding/fabricating trade,most of it was spent making alluminium bulk tanker systems where i picked up my codings for mig and tig,learnt alot there using various different machines and tools.

i also have experience in the construction industry producing handrails,stairs,buildings etc in various materials and proccess.

aswell as my full time job i also help out on race cars and have done various fabrication on them as well as building a very radical beetle project at the age of 14.

also have a nvq level 2 in peforming engineering operations.

thank you dale

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a copy of cv cv it may help :)

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Info Removed by Roadrunna
Please contact via PM

Qualifications: GCSE -English
- I.T

NVQ level 2 performing engineering operations

Feldbinder in house coding certificates -
EN ISO 9606-2:2004
BS EN ISO 9606-2:2004

GLW engineering and construction welder/fabricator/fitter
january 09 to present

my responsibilities at glw are to fabricate a variety of bespoke products including handrails,ladders,staircases,platforms etc out of a variety of material's,i also do a variety of on-site work to fit the products.

East Anglian Installation Services Welder/ fabricator
Kings lynn
October 08 to
November 08

My responsibilities at EASIS were to fabricate and weld stainless steel racks,sinks and tables for the food/catering industry.

Feldbinder uk Welder/fitter
Sutton Bridge
March 2007 to
September 2008

My responsibilities at Feldbinder were to fabricate,weld and fit together aluminium road tanker vessels!this involved using various machines and tools, also I fitted the finished vessels to chassis and light service work to used tanker systems. I also did various site work during the period I worked for them, the skills I used in this job was aluminium,mild steel and stainless steel welding, also using various power tools and basic wiring and plumbing task's. I enjoyed my work at Feldbinder very much but due to shortage of work I was made redundant.

Banfield Engineering co Welder/labourer
April 2006 to
March 2007

At banfield I started out doing a work placement scheme from school going in one day a week to learn basic engineering skills,when I finished school they decided to offer me a full time position, my role at this point was to assist fabrication of industrial walk way and stair systems as well as pipe work,handrails and other fabrication jobs,I used various machines and tools for this job and learnt the basics of engineering reasons for leaving were due to a vacancy at Feldbinder which had better prospects for the future.


I enjoy various activities out of work including going to the gym,football, skiing and snowboarding and various other sports,building custom cars and attending custom car shows and racing events.
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