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Taking the calls for Wheels Day you try to do your best but you do get some howlers;

"What day of the week is the Good Friday show on?"

"Could you post up the directions from Rushmoor Arena to Dunsfold 'cos I only know my way to Aldershot?"

Call from Trader at 5 mins to midnight Sunday evening, he wondered by I wasn't too helpful.

"Will my mate John %£*& be there?"

"£40 for 20 ft? but my stand is 6 metres long?"

From a car mag writer (I despair) "You've had your clubs' car show every Good Friday since the '70s then?" Yes. "So is it annually then?"

Obviously reading from Facebook "It says it's £5 to get in to Wheels Day on the 18th of April at Dunsfold and it's 10:00 to 16:00 and to call this number...................It's OK that gives me all the info I need."

Call couple of years ago on Easter Monday "When's the show start today mate?"

Also Trader "We're lost, haven't a clue where we are. Can you give us directions?" Yes mate next right, right then right again, before you take another right......

Call on the day " Can you tell me if my mates have arrived?"

also "We've broken down but we got it mended, can you reserve a space for and me mates cars?" Well this year we can!!

Call on a Saturday morning (day after Wheel Day) "I'm outside the gate at Rushmoor Arena and there's no one here, has Wheels Day been cancelled?"

I shall probably remember a few more but I'm sure you guys have got a few funny ones from your own shows! Lets have them please.

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