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There's been a thread on here , and other places that Wheelsday is back on . However on Facebook there is a statement from Andrew Carpenter, OF SSR that this is NOT the case .

Probably best that everyone takes their info only from SSR themselves.

"Andrew Carpenter Dear everyone,
I have been asked to comment on behalf of the Surrey Street Rodders regarding this update.
I am afraid the news is incorrect! There are no plans for WheelsDay 2015 nor are the committee meeting to discuss planning of such an event.
I spoke to all committee members last night and this morning to confirm this fact.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Best regards
SSR IT Admin "

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This is very sad news I feel, I was an early member of SSR number 10. The first wheels day at South Hill Park Bracknell was attended by about 15-18 cars not 1000 2000 or alleged 15,000 +. how could anyone guess an attendance of that amount unbelievable.
This Rodding Day has turned into an ICONIC event must be there meeting and over the years its been run by many people who have put a lot of effort into making sure it runs each year without fail and they have done it in there own spare time.
Now I have run around the bushes I feel its time to give back what they have done rejion SSR (if they will have me) and convince the committee to rethink Wheels Day 2015.
Im sure there is a few more of us willing to volunteer to help even if you do not wish to join the SSR for what ever reason (not everyone is a club type person).
Sorry this is long winded but I feel strong about such a Great loss of a Great Day in a Hobby/Sport I enjoy.

Regards Steve Blomfield.
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