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During September Nicola will be doing "Coffee Mornings" at work to help generate funds for Macmillan Cancer Support which is a cancer support charity her company supports.
Last year the made a few hundred pounds, this year she is alone managing the branch on her own.

We have decided on a logo for her drive TIME TO GIVE .... ? which could be asking for time or for a donation toward this worthy charity.

With the time theme, we started looking for various clocks and timepieces at the bootfair today.
We set the ideal limit at 50p with £1.00 being the maximum to spend on a clock. These do not have to be working.

I suggested we suspend many of them from thin fishing line in the front window and do some other creative window dressing.

These were the first lot, The large wooden clock was free from a trader, I brought it home, dismantled, cleaned and gave it a coat of Danish oil to make it look good. The very large round one next to it was free from the same trader and I needed to backfill quite a lot of the glass with paint where it was damaged.

We need to find quite a lot more clocks to get the theme all ready and set up, bit will keep looking at the bootfairs.
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