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Youngest son (12), had to complete a father and son project for school recently.
He had to plan it over 8 weeks, learn something new, write it up as he went along then give a presentation.
He said he wanted to weld something.
We spent the first few weekends learning about welding techniques and the safety gear he had to wear then practiced with the welder. Finally raided the scrap pile and came up with this

'Bones' are roughly true to life and its life size.....if you're an 8ft giant..... Gold spring washer ring was a nice touch I thought

He got an excellence grade.....Happy Boy and Proud Dad.....When he did the presentation to his class, a few of the pictures had my International pickup in the background, 2 boys in his class announced their Dad's are into cars too.....a 65 Mustang and Dodge Charger. He has 2 new friends now!
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